We are a global development organization, mainly focused on developing an agricultural economy respectful with the planet.

A sustainable future

We want to build a new world, where food production is done in harmony with nature and the planet. Where people can live in balance with nature, without exploiting it. Where all species of life can thrive together, without harming one another. We are working to solve these issues and we need your help too!

Making life on earth sustainable

We want to develop a support system for an agricultural economy that is self-sustainable, organic and respectful of the planet. To do this, we will use sustainable and “agricultural” tourism, by integrating new agricultural and energy production technologies in full respect of the planet.

We care about the environment

What better way to promote the beauty of our region than through a tourism proposal that is respectful with nature?

ANGELS & MORE is going to be an eco-friendly resort that respects the planet. Buying a digital asset (representing one night or more) will help us plant a tree in this beautiful place called earth, for every night you’re going to stay. Also every 10 AMORET tokens you buy, another tree is going to be planted!

Stay for longer and support our cause

Besides planting new trees, we also offer you discounts for buying more of our digital assets (representing nights). You’ll be getting your money worth and at the same time, help us make a difference by planting trees.

In your pocket, on your mobile device

You can buy a digital asset from our website or just download our app on your mobile device and start staying at ANGELS & MORE whenever you get the chance! This way, we take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Peaceful place

Enjoy a fresh, healthy resort environment and restful sleep in the peace and tranquility of nature. If you want to take it all in, we invite you to enjoy your surroundings and come across many different animals while walking around our property.

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