The BLUE ALACHAR project has tokenized BLUE ALACHAR vessel. Join now to be the first ever owner of a tokenized ship!

Ship tokenization with blockchain technology
BLUE ALACHAR TEAM has tokenized BLUE ALACHAR vessel, and it’s the first of its kind. Tokenizing ships with blockchain technology is a game-changing innovation that will change the way maritime industry operates. And the proof is BLUE ALACHAR! 

Ship ownership simplified
The model of ship ownership will never be the same. Now, you can purchase and trade tokenized ships on a digital exchange. We make it simple, quick and easy to own your own ship.

Tokenizing ships – why you should care?
Traditional real-world assets like ships are difficult to trade for their high transaction costs and lack of liquidity. That’s where tokenization comes into play. Tokenization facilitates more fluid trading and more convenient distribution of ownership.

BLUE ALACHAR has created a new global asset class in order to replace cash as a means of payment when transacting commercial operations. The assets are backed by physical assets (vessel) which will be anchored on the blockchain, thus creating low cost transactions with minimal risk and maximal security.

A stable backed digital asset
BLUE ALACHAR aims to be a stable global asset class that offers diversification, low blockchain fees, and a digital distribution channel. BLUE ALACHAR is seeking to introduce an entirely new global asset class. BLUE ALACHAR is the first project of its kind in the crypto-asset ecosystem. It aims to offer people around the world access to an investment vehicle that brings stability and have lower blockchain transaction fees than most other cryptoassets in the market today. The BLUE ALACHAR project is built on top of Polygon Blockchain, which provides low blockchain fees and many other benefits for their users.

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